Want to invest your money the right way?

Finspot is a platform that connects SME companies with you, private investors, and turns your investment into a secure profit.
We have prepared a special offer for a limited number of users.

Which problem we solve?

The lack of liquidity is the main cause of instability for small and medium-sized enterprises, while in as many as 80% of insolvency cases, the main cause is a delay customers' paymets. On the other hand, investors with funds to deply invest at a very low interest rates.

What do I need to do?

Provide contact information
If you want, you can leave us your details and we will contact you to become a beta user and get a special offer.
Fill out a short questionnaire
Completing the questionnaire helps us better understand the market.
Explore the Finspot platform
You get the opportunity to acquire the sneak-peak functionality of our platform before deciding whether you want to invest.

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How is Finspot different from traditional financial institutions?

Finspot invests alongside you
Each invoice on the platform is also financed with Finspot's own capital. Investors always have an advantage
in case of partial collection.
Better returns than the interest given by savings bank accounts
In the current market conditions, banks offer interest rates below 3.0% per annum for RSD. Early withdrawal of savings often requires additional costs.
Finspot is a regulated financial institution
At the time of entering the market, Finspot
will be regulated by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia.
State-of-the-art risk analysis
Using state-of-the-art algorithms, we have fully automated credit analysis and financial request processing. We analyze all financial requests with a special tool for fraud prevention.

Constant growth of your investment

Finspot platform offers annual return on investment of 7% to 12%.
Finspot takes care of risk assessment of the invoice, deplozment of money and collection.
By filling out the questionnaire, you qualify for the status of the first investors and achieve a higher return on your money.

How does the risk assessment on the Finspot platform work?

  • Seller risk assessment Based on publicly available data and submitted reports, we analyze in detail the supplier and his portfolio of customers.
  • Buyer risk assessment All publicly available customer data is analyzed in order to obtain a more complete picture of risks involved in each transaction.
  • Transaction analysisUsing the most modern tools, we analyze the invoices offered for financing, we validate them following the consistency of the submitted data.

What are the next steps?


We check and analyze the interest of investors and companies in our market to know to what extent we can start financing.


We contact investors who have submitted data in order to open an account and prepare for financing.


We involve registered investors in transactions on the FinSpot platform and start financing invoices together.

O Finspotu su rekli

Francusko-Srpska Privredna Komora:

"As the winner of the startup accelerator of the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce in 2018, the startup Between (Creator of Finspot) won a one-year mentoring program by members of our Board of Directors in all aspects of business: legal, marketing, financial and project, in order to further develop their business. The whole team behind the FinSpot platform, composed of young people, mostly of economists, showed not only creativity in the development of their idea, but also a professional approach in working and communicating with mentors and potential clients. We believe that they are on the right path to realize their goals and break into the fintech market."

Sanja Ivanić, General manager, French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Raiffeisen banka:

“Between d.o.o.” (Creator of Finspot) participated in the Elevator Lab Challenge 2018 in Serbia, one of the largest startup accelerator programs in the SEE region organized by Raiffeisen International with the aim of identifying and hiring promising fintech startups, applying and testing their solutions across a network of 13 countries. With an innovative solution based on blockchain technology, "Between doo" won the first prize according to the votes of a jury consisting of senior industry experts and thus qualified to join the semifinals of the Elevator Lab and compete with the 30 best fintech startups from the SEE region in a competition of 300+ startups. We are pleased to recommend "Between d.o.o." as a young and promising team that develops the company, but also as a reliable partner."

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